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Are you attending the 55-year Reunion on Sept. 29, 2018?

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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 60.9%

A:   185   Joined
B:   119   Not Joined


•   Buddy Flores Ford  7/27
•   Jeany Ann Gipson (Teague)  7/27
•   Allen Raymond Snook  7/31
•   Toby Arnell Brinlee  8/1
•   Lonnie Dean Howard  8/1
•   Wayne Michael Ferney  8/3
•   Polly Anne Puckett  8/3
•   Tom McKeown (McKeown)  8/5
•   Terry Lee Obermiller  8/5
•   Joe Hayes Lewallen  8/6
•   Christine Louise Noah (Cooper)  8/7
•   John Everett Hinshaw  8/8
•   Jana Lynn Serold (Gosvig)  8/9
•   Rodger Lee Staha  8/9
•   Lawrence John Miller Jr.  8/15
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•   Harold William Carson  6/30
•   John Watkins  6/20
•   Linda Hammond (Henry)  6/20
•   Eugene Travis Calk  6/14
•   James Carl Hammack  6/2
•   Leopoldo Mario Trevino  5/22
•   Elsie Karen Kurth (Long)  5/21
•   Jeany Ann Gipson (Teague)  3/14
•   Tom McKeown (McKeown)  3/11
•   Wayne Michael Ferney  3/10
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Who lives where - select from the dropdown to find out.

Robert E. Lee High School
Class of 1963 - San Antonio, TX


Classmates are invited to tour Lee HS led by Nicole Franco, Principal. Mrs. Franco is developing the details for the tour. (We will keep you updated.) A special historical exhibit of Robert E. Lee is being installed in the library and will be part of our tour. 

When:     Saturday, September 29, 2018, 10:00AM - 11:45AM

Where:    LHS Main Entrance...parking available in front


LUNCH to follow the tour at Los Barrios (space has been reserved)

(If you don’t tour, please join us for lunch.) 

4223 Blanco Rd., 78212  210-732-6017

Reservations for the Reunion,Tour and/or Lunch to:
Pam Kuhn, 118 Belmont Rd., Boerne, TX 78006   
For info: Pam: (210)-241-0536,
Please list first and last names for all guests.


It is our goal to present a gift (monetary or in-kind) to the new Career and Technology School in the name of the Lee Graduating Class of 1963.

In addition to my Reunion Reservation, I am happy to donate the following:

(Donations are anonymous.)

____ $100  ____$50  ___$Other

_____I am unable to attend the 55th Reunion/Tour and would like to donate.

The Lee High School 55-Year Reunion
Dinner/Dance and Tour
September 29, 2018
 6:30pm - 10:30pm

Silverhorn Golf Club
1100 W. Bitters
San Antonio, TX 78216
Cost:  $55 per person

For complete information on the reunion and the tour and where to send your check, click HERE or on the first item on the left menu.


The Reunion Committee is pleased to announce
location for our 55th REUNION
September 29, 2018
The Pavillion

(Handicapped Accessible)
1100 Bitters Rd. 78216

          (additional updates as details develop)

New school name
Legacy of Educational Excellence High School

Divorce:  The Loss of the Dream
Marilyn Leighman
Ph.D., LPC

Following is a short video about this recently published book written by our classmate, Marilyn Cummins. Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Inc., the book is available through Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, and other bookstores.  If you have any questions or suggestions, Marilyn would love to hear from you.  You can contact her through the website.

2016 Robert E. Lee HS '59 - '67
All Sports Reunion

(Scroll past the names to see better photos.)

Front Row L-R: David Jauer, Rick Benavides, Jimmy Deats, Tommy Turner, Tom Morgan, Doug Conrey, Peppy Culpepper, Bill Bull, Mac Call

Seated L-R: Luke Lowery, Warren Pettinos, Jerry Townsend, Dan Parrish, Tony Jones, Jerry Briggs, Larry Cohen, Coach W.Bagget, Arthur Mandry, Eugene Calk, Frank Monaco, John Baines, Tom Lehman, Jerry Carbee, Lloyd Schlameus, Bill Knippa

Standing L-R: Jim Lagrone, Bob Horton, Neville Fleming, Mike Kilman, Larry Day, Mike Douglas, Greg Harlow, Larry Townsend, Johnny Coles, Steve Wagner, Charles Crane, Eddie Gurinsky, Bill Melzow, Bill Zinsmeyer, Brent Schumacher, Linus Baer, Andy Kenagy, Greg Smith, Blake Stephens, Geronimo Trevino, Randy Patrick, Steven Linick, John Ives, Brad Fairchild, Darryl Pearson

 The above photo has been cropped down to 3 photos so you can see everyone better.

While we may not like to hear it, we do like to know when someone we know passes.  Whenever a Lee classmate from a class other than our own passes, I will post the notice here for about a week.  If you hear before I do, please let me know.

Love to cook? 
Here's a recipe-a-day from the Food Channel.  Click on one of the nine circles and you will be taken to the Food Channel page for the recipe.  Each day a new item will be added and the oldest one dropped.  Bon Appetit!

This should bring back some memories!
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WOW!  What a Reunion!!!

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Great isn't it!!!  But from what are you retired?  Please expand on your profile and let others know.  We want to know all about you!

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Health Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles can contribute to a better quality of life and are shown to reduce the chances of developing certain types of mental illness including memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. 

The science behind the health benefits of jigsaws lies in the way they force us to use both hemispheres of our brain. The left side of the brain, our analytical side, works to logically sort the pieces while the right side of the brain, our creative side, serves to see the finished product and works intuitively. 

The successful completion of jigsaw puzzles requires both sides of the brain to work together. Causing our brain’s hemispheres to work together increase our ability to learn, comprehend, and remember and increases the product of dopamine. Collectively these increases help us to maintain healthy brains. -- copied from an internet site

 If you like doing jigsaw puzzles, a fun site to go to is

From the site you can subscribe (no fee) to have the puzzle of the day sent to your email.  You can also upload your own photo, have it made into a puzzle, and email it to friends and family.


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